Saturday, 9 July 2011


hello to you all,gills blog challang is i have done our trip to jersey. what a lovely week. i have high lighted the trip to jersey pearls. open to pearl shells and got to pearls,one white,one peackock. had them put in a gold and silver neklace. never seen so many diffrent colours and shapes of pearls. also saw the dress Prinsess Diana wore,it was amazing,covered all over with pearls,white. a picture of the hotel,was 60,s inside great,and we had a full sea view. love bluebell-flowerwood x.


  1. Moira thats a fantastic layout of your Jersey holiday. That is somewhere that i fancy going to myself. THanks for playing along

  2. Great scrapbook page Moira!

    Never knew Jersey was known for pearls. It's a great page for reminising in years to come, and i love how you've included bits you've picked up along the way, like your bus ticket.

    Well done! Very creative!

    Lisa xx