Saturday, 15 January 2011

hello to you all,another haglar stamp from ebay. there is one comeing to an end on ebay it has got to 67 pound yes you read right. we need a channal for these lovely stamps,to buy,if anyone in the craft trade is willing to take up the challange. hope you like her love bluebell,of to whatch joanna sheen on teil with house mouse bye x.


  1. what fantastic cards youve been creating - love them.
    When you get a chance please go check out my blog as i have nominated you for a blog award - please go over and accept it - its under a posting today. Also remember to check out my blog candy and challenges that are coming up. am watching house mouse as have settled down now ready for sheenas show at noon. x

  2. lovely card, just been looking at those stamps wont be buying any of those in a

  3. what is the Haglar stamps under on ebay as i cant find them. im looking at getting trade accounts set up and i might be interested if i can see them all. do they have a website too? anything at all would be useful so i can check them out. cheers. glad you liked the sheena show - all my cards were on and glad you liked the blue one, x

  4. Oh this is fabulous.